About Kuwait Hygiene concept

Established in 2013, DROPTECH is a leading firm in representing international companies focused on the institutional sector, in Lebanon, Kuwait Qatar and recently in UAE, with a solid plan of expansion through the Middle East.

KHC aim is to offer a full service solution to its various market segments customers.Its brands and products are known for their quality, price and competitiveness.

In addition, DROPTECH offers independent and incredibly high quality professional total hygiene solution and different levels of training to its business partners, in a variety of industries.

Our main products range are as follows : -

  • Industrial Food and Beverage
  • Chemicals for cleaning food plant, Bakeries, meat, Chicken processing.
  • Kitchen Hygiene & Machine Ware washing
  • Chemicals for cleaning Kitchen Surfaces and Equipment/Utensils
  • Washroom and Interior Care
  • Chemicals and cleaning tools for washroom and interior cleaning
  • Laundry Industrial laundry applications
We, as a Hygiene concept company, source and service both overseas and domestic clients. It is always our endeavour that we coordinate and deal with reputed manufacturers and factories and that meets the satisfaction in terms of quality as well as price competitiveness of our end user.